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Buy To Let BRRRRS Calculators
Buy with Cash or Cash & Mortgage
Test The Power Of Leveraging
A Buy To Let Ingredient
Look at the Effect of only using your Cash or Combining (Leveraging) your Cash with a Mortgage to Buy a BTL Property. This Calculator compares the results of Buying with Cash or Leveraging your Cash with a Mortgage, across your Choice of 3 Loan To Values % (LTV's) which, in each Example, increases your Buying Power by a Factor of 4 @ 75%, 5 @ 80% & 6.7% @ 85% LTV's.
1st Loan to Value % 1st Loan To Value % (LTV)
LTV Increment % LTV VARS % 1st 2nd 3rd
Deposit Cash £ Buys Property Valued @ £
Capital Gain Rate % 1st Year End Values £
Investing For Gain 1st Year Capital Gains £
BTL Foundation Seminar Cash-on-Cash Returns %
Gross Yield % 1st Year Gross Yield Rents £
Operating Costs % Operating Costs £
Investing For Rent Gross Rent Income £
Mortgages Mortgages Totals
Interest Rates % Interest Payable £
1st LTV Int Rate % 1st LTV Interest £
2nd LTV Int Rate % 2nd LTV Interest £
3rd LTV Int Rate % 3rd LTV Interest £
Income Tax Rate % 1st Year Tax £
Income Tax Credit % Interest Tax Credit £
1st Year Tax Payable £
Cash-In-The-Bank £
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